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Tangent Knowledge Systems is an international sales development and training company. We specialize in helping companies improve their sales process, change their sales culture and increase their revenues and profits.


Our unique change acceleration process allows companies to better control the sales process by building relationships and trust quicker. It allows them to better qualify and disqualify deals sooner. It facilitates companies timing their solutions and information according to their customer's decision process. Our change acceleration process lets sales forces differentiate themselves from their competition by the quality of their interaction, questions, business acumen and engagement style.


We promote a neutral, nonselling posture that requires the salesperson to have a deep and thorough understanding of the customer's business, problems and compelling reasons to take action. Our change acceleration process helps companies realize that selling is not about having the right solution, rather it is about being at the right place, at the right time, with the right person, who has the right problem. If a customer has no problems, you have a very big problem.


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The following are common problems we address:

  • Wasteful follow up, quoting and proposing, prompting long sales cycles and higher costs of sales.
  • Poor prospecting skills that stunt sales growth.
  • Lack of a systematic sales process, resulting in poor pipeline management and unpredictable forecasting.
  • Inability to truly differentiate one's offering, causing commoditization and eroding of margins.
  • Poor management accountability of salespeople, creating a sales culture of mediocrity.
  • Salespeople wasting time, information and resources due to improper qualification, precipitating unending frustration.
  • Salespeople selling transactionally instead of strategically, causing higher acquisition costs and bad deals.
  • Salespeople's inability to call at higher levels and locate true decision makers, prompting lost opportunities and sales.
  • Sales pipelines filled with pipe dreams resulting in unpredictable forecasting and future planning.
  • Ineffective recruiting and hiring practices that cause high turnover costs.


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