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Favorite Quotes 2012 pt.13

  • Orthodox sales people associate questions with weakness and losing momentum, and persuasion with strength and gaining momentum.
  • "Ask smarter questions, not 20 questions, " says Paul Cherry. Asking strategic questions is one of the hardest things to refute.
  • Selling; There are no right ways to do it, but certainly a lot of wrong ways.
  • Because everyone is selling the same unique value proposition, no one is unique anymore.
  • Your product/service value equals the perceived value and cost of what the customer is not getting because they do not have your product/service.
  • Bottom-feeding sales people attract bottom-feeding prospects because of how they sell, not what they sell. It is a match made in heaven (hell).
  • Your biggest direct competition often is indirect; Google, web, social media. You are no longer a first-hand source or resource. So you better reinvent your reason for being.
  • Stop blowing smoke (product pitching) and look for the smoking gun (customer's problem).
  • In sales you have to always balance playing to win with playing not to lose.
  • If your prospect is not up to their eyeballs in challenges, you will probably be up &$?/ creek without a paddle.
  • Often when conventional sales people persuade they end up dissuading, and when strategic, unconventional sales people dissuade they can often end up persuading.
  • "The new way to sell is not to sell at all," says Lon Saftko.
  • Average sales people use selling skills to sell, whereas professionals determine if prospects are sellable.
  • Conventional sales people need to transition from loving to hear their voice to hearing the customer's voice.
  • The majority of sales are successfully consummated in the non-sales step, not in the traditional selling, presenting step.
  • Before you give a demonstration (product), get a customer demonstration of their problems.
  • Most strategic sales are made when you are not selling. Many sales are lost when you are.
  • "The height of trust is when the customer buys the relationship, and pays for it with your product," says Jeff Thull.
  • Too often closing attempts just end up closing down conversations.
  • Solution selling frequently causes more problems than problems it solves.
  • Prospects are silently yelling at sales people you have been Googled, and if you are not relevant you will soon be outsourced.
  • Feature and benefit selling is a contradiction in terms; there is little if any benefit to sell this way anymore.
  • For the first time in history traditional sales people are transitioning from being a necessary evil to being an unnecessary evil.
  • The biggest advantage you have in a sales call is when your customer is telling you of the disadvantages of their problems.
  • To grow your business and free up your resources and time you need to be turning down, and turning away business.
  • In sales there is no one right way to do it, but there are infinite ways to do it the wrong way.
  • You do not know what you are selling until you understand what your prospect is buying. You do not know what they are buying until you know what they are trying to avoid or prevent.
  • Worrying about closing a sale is too often praying for what you do not want.
  • Learn 10 good questions instead of 100 answers.
  • Your sales pitch should be as short as a Tweet, and your questions and listening should be as long as a self-absorbed blog.
  • Traditional sellers have a pumped up information libido, and are question celibate.
  • Stop giving free downloads of your information. It destroyed the music industry, and it will wrench havoc with your career.
  • In sales you are unique and different in direct proportion to how believable you are.
Richard Farrell is President of Tangent Knowledge Systems, a national sales development and training firm based in Chicago. He is the author of the upcoming book Selling has Nothing to do with Selling. He trains and speaks around the world and has authored many articles on his unique non-selling sales posture.

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