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Favorite Quotes 2012 pt.3

  • Needy and clingy sales people can never be truly helpful or trusted because they come into a sales call with needing to get something.
  • Seeking validation from customers and peers is a very slippery slope. The only approval that matters is your own.
  • Emotions always precede facts (logic). People feel first (emotions) and think later. Yet sales people sell with logic! Why? It's easier!
  • Sales Evolution 101. Ancient—find a need, fill a need. Modern—find a problem, fix a problem. Contemporary—find a problem, isolate it, assess it and evaluate it for actionability, then fix it.
  • In sales bad news (customer's problems) travels twice as fast as good news, because it is so emotionally charged. Yet sales people push twice as much good news. Big disconnect!
  • Unsatisfied "wants" are problems seeking solutions, not "wants" seeking solutions. Too many sales people are so busy dealing with "wants," and the solution, they bypass the sale.
  • If it bleeds it leads. Through problem storytelling, highlight the risks, acute problems, bottom line threats and impending dangers that uproots and rattles the client's status quo.
  • Superior knowledge and grasp of the client's situation will outperform the client's superior knowledge of our solution. P.S. Our ego says no way, and we pointlessly sell away.
  • A guarantee to make you an unhappy and beaten sales person: Happily try every day to sell prospects (without problems) who are happy and want to be more happy.
  • Often what motivates someone to act on their problems is they feel they will pay a steep price if they don't change. Laser in on the steep price.
  • Clients are more concerned about not looking bad than they are about looking good. Sellers on the other hand are more concerned about getting customers to look better.
  • Our customers don't change because the voice of intelligence (logic) is drowned out by the thunder of fear (emotion). Skip the logic, address the emotion.
  • Customer warning to sales people; "I hate to burst your product, pitch bubble, but your features and benefits are little more than a silly exercise in Trivial Pursuit."
  • The emotion of how your customer felt is remembered long after the words (product pitch) are forgotten. Stop pitching your chances away!
  • Your product/service is often indistinguishable because you're indistinguishable. Your offering is unique in direct proportion to your ability to communicate it.
  • Product pusher—finds what is right and tries to make it more right. Strategic seller looks for what is wrong before trying to make it right.
  • Conventional sellers so often are so eager in selling that they bypass the sale.
  • Let's give a resounding "yes" to "no." If you believe "no" represents failure in selling you'll avoid it like the plague and won't get to the client's truth, your time will be wasted, your crediblity wil suffer.
  • The Internet and social media has revolutionized the way customers get information. Unfortunately, it has done very little to alter what information comes out of sales people's mouths.
  • Success in sales is a state of mind. Most successful sales people were successful sales before they even landed their first sales job. Likewise, most unsuccessful sales people were unsuccessful before they made their first sales call.
  • There are seized opportunities and missed opportunities. Guess which one drives more decisions for customers? Missed! Guess which one sellers should seize upon? Obvious!
  • Product identity and value has more to do with the messenger than the message, and more to do with questions than information.
  • Failure is an option when choosing to drop a poorly qualified prospect. Failure isn't an option in not replacing them with another qualified opportunity.
  • Feature and benefit sellers are victims and perpetrators of serious product identity theft. Everyone loses out in this product shoot out where everyone is unidentifiable.
  • Customers buy more by the depth of their emotions than by the height of their logic. The customer's gut has reasons reason will never know.
  • You might as well be upbeat and excited when you do feature and benefit selling and product selling, because the backend results are going to be very unexciting and non-enthusiastic.
  • Authentic listening starts with intentions and ends with your ears.
  • You can't be part of the solution until you are part of the problem investigation.
  • How often does your biggest competitor, in your most important account, know more about your customer than you because you're so busy servicing? A lot. If you're honest.
Richard Farrell is President of Tangent Knowledge Systems, a national sales development and training firm based in Chicago. He is the author of the upcoming book Selling has Nothing to do with Selling. He trains and speaks around the world and has authored many articles on his unique non-selling sales posture.

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