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Favorite Quotes 2012 pt.5

  • In sales money (problems) talks and bullshit (product pitching) walks.
  • The strength of your sales message and solution is in direct proportion to the weakness of the customer's problem. Weak problem equals weak solution.
  • Customers connect with you infinitely more so when you describe what they don't have as opposed to you describing what they could have. Reagan won his first election on this.
  • Let the customer control the talking so that you can control the listening.
  • Throw out your old, unique, value proposition and your tired value add. In its place have a unique problem proposition; the most typical problems your company fixes.
  • Bad question: How can I get my customer to listen to me? Smart question: How can I get my customer to see value in having me listen to her?
  • Deaf, dumb & blind: Sales people too often are being forced, and then acquiesce to play blind man's bluff from clients who want bids/info/proposals, and who remain unseen, unheard and mute.
  • Personality is everything in sales. Just make sure that it's the customer's personality that is shining.
  • Information pitching is a dime a dozen in the age of Google. Information receiving through questions and then adding perspective and context is priceless and rare.
  • Prospects who are the recipients of "Powerbore presentations" look like petulant adolescents with white headphones tuning out the world.
  • The feature and benefit curse; the only time you're virtually guaranteed an intelligent audience is when you're talking to yourself.
  • Customers buy in spite of the of noxious, hardball approach of product pitching, not because of it. Often the harder you push the harder they'll gladly push you away.
  • Selling is an input business not an output business. The more information you give out, the more risk you are at getting less in return.
  • Ugly truth; too much is told, too little heard, not enough sold.
  • In the world of sales too often denial is how an optimistic seller keeps from being a pessimist.
  • Since people love to buy and hate to be sold, work harder to be more proficient at the art of buying than the art of selling.
  • Strategic selling is an examination of risks/benefits for customers to consider changing, not a feature/benefit onslaught to convince them to change.
  • Traditional selling (product pitching and feature benefit selling) is basically the sales profession's version of Groundhog Day without Bill Murray.
  • The best information that is fit to be said should come from customers. The best information that is fit to be asked should come from sales people.
  • Love-hate relationship; sales people love their company, product and solution, but they hate finding and evaluating messy customer problems. It just gets in the way of their solution.
  • A match made in hell; 90% of sales people sell from a position of who they are. Unfortunately, 90% of customers buy from a position of who they are.
  • Know all you tell. Don't tell all you know. Often less is more in sales.
  • Seller are often answering questions that were never asked.
  • Not a bad sales strategy; Follow and they will flee. Flee and they will follow. Sell as you have nothing to lose.
  • The only thing that makes you unique is not yakking on about how unique you are. Customers mostly care how you uniquely understand their most pressing issues.
  • Deadly combination; weak impulse control of product sellers who overwhelm customers with information, and customers who have attention deficit disorder. This ends ugly.
  • Is a sales pitch really a sales pitch if no one bothers to listen? Ditch the pitch, nix the glitz . No one is really listening to your S#&@.
  • When you live by the sword (product information), you die by the sword (product commoditization).
  • When you sell with trust and intent, truth and reality are the only things you have to discover and work with. When you are a product pusher, spin and fluff are your primary tools.
  • Product pushers are deaf, dumb and blind because they look like sales people, they feel like sales people, they sound like sales people, instead of thinking and feeling like customers.
Richard Farrell is President of Tangent Knowledge Systems, a national sales development and training firm based in Chicago. He is the author of the upcoming book Selling has Nothing to do with Selling. He trains and speaks around the world and has authored many articles on his unique non-selling sales posture.

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