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“Selling Has Nothing to Do With Selling”

Your attendees will learn:

  • How the feature/benefit style of selling will marginalize your selling position and reduce you to a commodity.

  • Why the mandate of sales people is to play the role of a neutral “change agent” and help  clients independently discover on their own if they have a compelling reason to change and what the cost of change represents to them.

  • Why selling is no longer just “what are your requirements/application needs and how can we meet them?”  Now it is “what is your company’s vision/mission, your critical success factors and what is preventing you from achieving them?”

  • Why the value of product knowledge is being diminished in today’s marketplace and being superceded by industry knowledge, the intricacies of your customer’s business and knowledge of your customer’s clients.  Building a product superiority justification is being replaced by building a sound business case and a ROI analysis.

  • Why traditional skill sets in persuading and convincing are far less important in today’s marketplace.  What truly differentiates one company from another is their ability to be a business resource, a strategic advisor, an objective partner and a business strategist.

  • Why your value propositions and your added-value are now valueless in today’s competitive marketplace.

  • Why sales managers may be unwittingly sabotaging the company’s sales effort.

  • Why sales people should adopt a “non-selling posture”.  The goal of their sales call is to have prospects sell them as opposed to putting all their effort into selling prospects.