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Our Services

Tangent Knowledge Systems is an international sales training and development firm that offers a wealth of services for clients ranging from small entrepreneurial companies to Fortune 500 companies. We develop customized sales training programs, evaluate sales people, conduct national sales meetings, and do ongoing training, coaching and webinar training.


The following is a listing of our services:


One and Two Day Training

These programs cover:

  • How to guard and protect your company's assets and resources. Get your sales people to develop a business owner mentality.
  • How to leverage your resources to gain control of the sales process.
  • Learn why your value proposition is valueless.
  • How to qualify and disqualify opportunities and quickly cut your losses.
  • Learn how to build relationships by extending trust to gain trust.
  • Learn the prospect's buying process and model that is designed to defeat your sales team, eat away your margins and provide unending frustrations for your salespeople.
  • Create a sales model for your sales team that is predictable, forecastable and coachable.
  • Learn the rules of engagement that build trust and rapport.
  • Learn how to find problems and assess their actionability.
  • Learn how to sell like an unbiased and neutral change agent.
  • How to create a prospecting strategy that dramatically differentiates you from the competition and focuses on not what your products do, but the problems they solve and address.
  • How to create a stature of business equality.
  • Learn a unique way to address objections from a perspective of causes and not symptoms.


Sales Force Evaluation

We evaluate the sales team, your sales pipeline, your sales culture and your management to find out the strengths and weaknesses of your sales environment. We find out which sales people can continue to grow and change and which one’s aren’t motivated to risk change. The sales force evaluation is also a tool to create a customized sales training and development program for your sales team.


Sales Candidate Screening

We help you learn which sales candidates have the most complimentary background for your company. We help you determine who can sell and who will not sell, and do they have what it takes to succeed at your company. We give you a hiring recommendation along with additional questions to ask the candidate.


Keynote Speaking

We have thought-provoking presentations that are highly interactive and are designed to challenge all your sales beliefs and strategies.


Reinforcement Training

12 to 18 month reinforcement training for companies who are serious and realistic that change comes slowly and happens over time. Training consists of skills, tactics, strategies, role playing, and monthly sales pipeline reviews. It consists of quarterly meetings with monthly teleconferencing reinforcement.



Long distance learning is an effective tool if you can’t regularly and economically get your sales people together. Typical series are 5 to 6 sessions which are one hour each..



Used primarily as a reinforcement tool for follow up from an initial sales boot camp. Typically done once a month for an hour with a heavy emphasis on reviewing and dissecting live deals.



Done individually or with a small group. Typically done once a month for one year. There is a heavy focus on results, managing expectations and performance.



Helping companies change their sales culture by implementing a systematic sales process and creating and outlining their own sales steps.



Creating a sales call guide for sales-people allows them to have custom call guides for every element of their sales process: from objections, closes, telephone prospecting, running the call from start to finish and creating pain statements and questions.


Annual Sales Meetings

Create a custom program to address the most pressing issues a company is facing with real world explanations and take a ways.