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Richard P. Farrell is President of Tangent Knowledge Systems, a Chicago sales training company, and the author of the book; Selling Has Nothing To Do with Selling. He is the unofficial record holder for the number of B2B association speaking engagements (manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, professional services, manufacturers representatives, service providers). He has covered virtually every SIC code when speaking to associations and even ones that he swears don't even exist. His in-depth knowledge of the sales challenges of small to midsize companies (commoditization, price pressure, new market opportunities, transactional selling, poor sales accountability, unqualified sales pipelines, ineffective new business generation, long selling cycles and increasing cost of sales) is unparalleled.


He will debunk the time-honored beliefs and strategies that organizations hold so dearly and expose the obscene cost of sales that they blindly operate under. Content is nontraditional, contrary and designed to be a wake up call for all organizations on how to sell, strategize and position their companies to meet the harsh realities of the information economy, and the challenging economic climate of today's marketplace.



Rick Farrell


Delivery is fluff-free, content rich, "PowerPointless," fast-paced and extremely interactive (gets out and engages the audience for questions, answers, examples and role-playing). The delivery style is authentic, self-deprecating, entertaining and real world with a problem solution orientation. Audience participants should be prepared to be respectfully challenged and to think outside the box.