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“On behalf of all the attendees, the ICCA National Board of Directors and the National Office, we would like to express our gratitude to you for sharing both your time and expertise with us.  It was due to the high quality of speakers like yourself that helped make our conference a success. I know prior to the conference that past correspondences have been by telephone or email; however it was a real pleasure to finally be able to meet you in person.


We received quite a few comments from the conference attendees regarding your session.  On the overall evaluation, attendees gave you a good to excellent review. After talking with attendees, your presentation was enjoyed by those who attended your session and now thanks to you they don’t have to be so fearful when it comes to selling, after all selling doesn’t always have to necessarily be about selling!


Once again, we want to thank you for your participation. If there is anything I can ever do for you, please do not hesitate to call upon me.”

Joyce Burkard
Executive Director
Independent Computer Consultants Association
St. Louis, MO


“I want to thank you or speaking during the Plant Management session at EMA’s Spring Meeting. Your presentation was very informative and very engaging. You definitely kept the member’s attention. 


You mentioned previously about writing articles for our newsletter. If you have any articles you would like to submit, please send them to me.  It was a pleasure meeting you.”

Tonya Muse
Executive Director
Envelope Manufacturers Association
Washington, D.C.


“We are in your debt for spending your Wednesday evening with us. Your presentation was an eye-opener for most of us, and frankly, your message should be unnecessary.


Anyone who studied psychology, or remembers the Golden Rule, should understand your points are basic to the selling process. No one wants to be sold. No one wants to be pressured.


Even those in production appreciated your presentation. It was one of the best of the year, and I thank you.


I’ll make sure your name is sent to the local associations as an excellent program resource and that once a nation-wide speaker’s bureau is set up, you will be included.”

Lee Hirstein
Planning Committee
International Craftsmen’s Association
Palatine, IL


“The members really liked your presentation and got enough value out of it that we want to bring you back next year for possibly 2 sessions.”

Tom Renk
Incentive Manufacturers and Representative Association
Glenn Elyn, IL


“We thought it was an excellent presentation. Very engaging. We’d like to bring you back in the future for an owner’s conference. The presentation went especially well with the more sophisticated and successful members of our group.”

Bob Mikesells
First Interview Network
Newark, NJ


“Thank you again for being part of our Spring Management 2006 Conference. We appreciate all your effort. I have tabulated the evaluations from your session. The scale is 1 to 5, with 5 being excellent, 4 very good, and 3 good. Your session, “Implementing a No-Nonsense Sales Plan and Strategy” was received by the following ratings:


Overall program content: 4.7

Overall speaker rating: 4.6


Attendee comments:

Best presentation of the conference

Very engaging and educational presentation’

Extremely informative and new approach..Excellent!

Good, relevant presentation

"Thanks again for your help, you did a great job! We look forward to working with you again.”

Lloyd tucker
Senior Director of education
Document Management Industries Assoc.
Alexandria, VA


“You are a very dynamic speaker. I’ve seen you in Chicago and in San Diego and everyone I talked to really liked your presentation and style. You really know how to challenge our beliefs. We’d like you to come back to Chicago and address our group in February.”

Vince Battaglia
Midwest Exhibit Designers & Producers Assoc.
Chicago, IL


“Very Well received by our members.  Much better than we imagined. Lots of talk and discussion at the next session about your presentation. Thanks.”

Cheryl Jamal
Meeting Planner
American Boiler Manufactures Assoc.
Washington, D.C.


" I again want to mention that your presentation was a definite “home run” and, our members are already asking for a return presentation. I heard a lot of people say, “we need this guy again.” I was very impressed with all the note talking and all the people who gave you their business cards.  It was one of the biggest turnouts in years.  Therefore, I would appreciate your giving me some information on some of your other presentations (including the one about hiring good sales people). In addition, please let me know when your book has been published so that I can announce this in our newsletter and through our website.


Please feel free to use us as a reference anytime, and, I’ll look forward to hearing from you again regarding a future presentation.”

John Vrabec
Executive Director
Financial & Security Products Assoc.
Albuquerque, NM


“We got excellent feedback from the surveys about your speech.  We want to consider you gain for next year in Las Vegas. You scored a  4.5 out of 5 and you were the second highest performer of the entire list of speakers. Here are some of the comments: “Should have this type of program at every convention"; “positive upbeat selling lecture to re-new and boost sales”; “great speaker- funny”; “very good, worth coming to IRGA for”; “new and great content”; “fresh look”; “ good interaction”; "very interesting concept". You scored very high in the most important categories: quality of information (4.58) and speaker quality (4.74).”

Steve Bova
Executive Director
International Reprographics Assoc.
Chicago, IL


"During our 2006-2007 sales track, Richard Farrell hit home runs for us consistently. He has done 12 meetings for us so far and we'll be using him again next year. He is a real crowd pleaser and his evaluations prove it."

Dennis Mc Garry
V.P. Education
Document Management Industries Association
Alexandria, VA



"I've been aware of Tangent's philosophy for years. I have seen Richard speak many times and have brought him in twice for the Central Reprographics Association and I have hired him personally for my own company. I'm a big believer in his "nonselling posture" and have used it to coach my own people. His presentations are very interactive, engaging, entertaining and informative. His message is always a big wake up call for our industry when he speaks at our conferences."

Steven Strooh
Past President
Central Reprographics Association


"We can not thank you enough for joining us in Savannah and for playing such a key role in our program. Your comments on improving our sales process to obtain results drove home to our attendees many important principals. We have received the attendee program surveys and yourpresentation was one of the highest rated of the entire meeting. Thank you again for helping make this meeting such a success."

Eric Fletty
Executive Director
Association of Suppliers to the Paper Industry
Norcross, GA


On behalf of the EACA, I would like to thank you for your outstanding presentation at our 9th Annual Conference.


This year's conference was designed to enable our members to grow their business and customer service skills as together we seek to raise thelevel of service excellence on the showfloor. And, we appreciate your contribution to that effort.


I have received many positive comments from the members in attendance, and they were encouraged to learn new ideas and techniques for strategically selling in a much more demanding marketplace.


Our hope is to continue this dialogue and to continue to find ways toassist our members in combating the commoditization of their services. To that end, we are planning a presentation at our Joint Winter Meeting with the EDPA in Marcos Island, FL. We will be inviting several procurement representatives of top exhibiting companies to participate in a panel discussion of their needs, wants and preferences.


I was wondering if you would be interested in moderating that discussion

Jim Wurm
Executive Director
Exhibitor Appointed Contractor Association
Bend, OR



“Nailed it on the head. There is no differentiation in our industry. Liked your approach. It was refreshing. Your sales strategy is right on for today’s business environment.”

Bill Rooze
3 Dimensional Inc.
Flower Mound, TX


“I thought your approach to qualifying serious buyers and how to better manage our time was very good. Our guys are in too much of a maintenance role and I need them to be more proactive. We need help on redefining our value proposition so we can better answer the question, why should I buy from you? I thought your process could be effective in this area.“

Jerry Clancy
VP of Sales
Fairmount Minerals
Wedron, IL


“ Very, very good. Lots of different ideas.  One of the best presentations we’ve seen. We’ve been trying to get our people to sell this way. Thanks. “

Lew Fish
VP of Sales
Graphite Mills
Ashbury, NJ


“Everything you talked about we run into on a daily basis and have problems with. It really makes you think about things differently. We have to do a much better job of protecting our time and resources as you mentioned in your meeting.”

Andrew Knight
Sales Manager
Beck, Inc
Newton, PA


“I was writing notes as fast as I could. Very innovative and creative strategy. Totally different from all the other sales training I’ve seen before.”

Jeff Ellman
Chicago, IL


“Great presentation. We’d like to have you at our next meeting with our distributors.”

Fred Thimmel
Bryant Products
Ixonia, WI


“Matched to the “T” the issues and problems our company is experiencing. Very informative.”

Clint Issac
General Manager
Charrute Manufacturing
Tulsa, OK


“Overall impression was that this presentation represents a sound and concise review of practical approaches to a different process. Veterans and newbies benefited. “

Pete Warner
Somerset Leasing
New Haven, CT


“Nicely done!”

Brian Donaghy
Smart Online
Des Moines, IA


“Great Presentation”

Randal Hoff
Director of Business Development
Fair Communications
Columbus, MO


“Your strategies were right on. We give out quotes and information way too early on.  Thanks!”

Cathy Mills
Chief of Sales and Marketing Officer
Beaverton, OR


“Homerun! You challenged our traditional process and let our people decide in their own minds what they need to do. This was exactly what I was after.”

Dean Bogner
VP of Sales
Webster Industries
Tiffin, OH


“Counter intuitive approach. I really liked the non-sales approach. It’s nice to find out how not to look and sound like a typical sales person and how to differentiate yourself. “

Mark Olmon
Territory Manager
Can Am Sales, Inc
Barrington, IL


“We got a lot of good things from your presentation. I found it very refreshing. I feel now that I don’t have to give out so much information as I did in the past. I also don’t have to be “Johnny on the spot” with my solution. Thanks. Great Job!!”

Ryan Sullivan
Sullivan and James
Lemont, IL


“I came to his conference with hesitation. I’ve seen a lot of the same old stuff in the past.  I’m a hard sale when it comes to something new and innovative. I came away with new ideas and an interest to rehash our sales process.”

Dean Abrams
IRM Corporation
Dallas, TX


“Found your message very interesting.  Would like to bring you in for our next sales meeting to do some sales training.”

Bud Tibbits
Hill and Griffith Co
Amannate, OH


“I liked your presentation so much I attended it again. Your presentation is like going to a play, it was very interactive. My breakthrough was when I learned the language of how to present some of my tough questions in a way that would be non-threatening for the customer. I have differentiated myself from the competition by the quality of my questions.”

James S. Love
Cincinnnati, OH


“We could use someone to come to our company and talk about the same strategies that you mentioned that reinforce management position. We have a lot of the same issues as everyone on not qualifying and being too eager to give out information”

Mark Adams
Exhibit Enterprises, Inc
Rochester, MI


“You really challenged us. No hype and no ra ra. I usually come away from these presentations thinking if he is such a good sales man why did he become a speaker. I didn’t feel that way with your presentation.”

Rob Loughran
National Account Manager
Laarhoven Design
Norcross, GA


“Your title, Selling has Nothing to do with Selling, is very appropriate for our sales situation. We need to sell more strategically and our people are having challenges. We are reshaping the way we pitch and I found your message very relevant.”

Amanda Helgemoe
Nuvista, Inc
Dallas, TX


“We are in a market that is quickly becoming a commodity and your message could really help us differentiate ourselves. Your detailing of the prospect’s system of how they lie to sale people is right on in our market. We need to utilize your selling system so we don’t give out all our information. Very good presentation”

Graham Wilson
Business Manager
Ontario, Canada


“Very good presentation. Some of our people are uncomfortable with certain elements of sales and your idea to have conversations resonated with me. I liked the non selling posture of “I’m not sure if we can help you or if what we have would be right for you”. This will help us not waste valuable time with bad job orders.”

J.T. Tisthammer
Contact 1, Inc
Washington D.C.


“We’d like to consider having you as a speaker when our agents come in during September. Tom Kuli saw your presentation and he was very impressed and he is very hard to impress. So that says a lot about your presentation.”

Pete Beringer
Robinson Industries
Sales Manager
Zelienopole, PA


“I consider myself to be a counter culture sales person, not a traditional sales person. Your message was very refreshing to hear since I do everything possible not to be seen as a sales person. You made some valid points on how sales people have to change in the marketplace.”

Vince Voltaggio
Account Executive
Eagle Management Group
Paulsburo, NJ


“I’ve been using some of your relationship tactics in my meetings and it works very well.  I’m the CEO so I don’t actively push products so it is very useful to say at meetings, “I’m not sure if we have a fit here, but at the end of our meeting today, we can determine what if any are the next steps”. Great Presentation.”

Bryan Gusfield
EL Seguando, CA


“It was nice to hear a non traditional sales approach at a sales talk. I hate being viewed as a used car sales man so your presentation hit home with me.”

Doug Wickwire
Sha Bang Exhibits
Garland, TX


“Really enjoyed the presentation and got a lot of value out of it. I liked the concept of managing the expectations of your clients instead of trying to control them. The willingness to walk away is a great strategy our people need to use more of to save our time.”

Don Madock
Ann Erogan of Tampa Bay, Inc
Tampa, FL


"Your presentation really brought a simplicity to the sales process and a much better way to qualify opportunities. I saw value in how our account executives should sell as CEO's. A lot rang true with your presentation. I also saw you in Chicago with EDPA and really appreciated all the role-playing."

Adam Beckett
Derse Exhibits
Milwaukee, WI


"Your presentation was right on!"

Jeff Beauregard
Beauregard Corp.
Vernon, CT

"I thought your presentation was very good. We are a small company, growing and successful but we could use your help to be more effective with bringing in new accounts and upselling existing customers. We'd like to have you come in and train our people on your sales model."

Michael Dunne
Acer Exhibits & Events
Belcamp, MD

"We are in a declining market and need to sell more lines to fewer customers. Therefore, we need to guard our time jealously as you mentioned.We also have to focus our attention on the accounts that will give us the biggest bang for our buck. So your message on qualifying was very pertinent."

Don S. Weaver Jr.
Weaver Materiel Service, Inc.
Jamestown, NY


"This was the second time I saw you address the EDPA. I liked the direct approach to qualifying accounts. It cuts away all the B.S. We have a huge amount of leads from the internet and we have our sales guys weed through them to eliminate the price shoppers. I'm a big believer in your concept of it is OK for the prospect to say "no". You relate well to our industry."

Dick Wheeler
Professional Exhibits & Graphics
Sunnvale, CA


"I used one of your techniques right after the conference with a prospect who was all interested, but wasn't buying. I got clarification and I was able to answer their concerns. Your techniques are common to what I used to do when I was actively selling in the past. It was good to get some reinforcement."

Mark La Rochelle
Burkhardt Leitner
Toronto, Canada


"The mantra of getting to "no" is an idea we need to use. We call on sophisticated buyers who really know what they are doing and we need to develop a disciplined selling approach like yours to offset it. Unless we have an internal advocate we get stuck. Thanks for you innovative ideas."

Steve Deckel
Design Director
Deckel & Moneypenny Exhibits
Louisville, KY